Wednesday, 2nd October 2024
The Round Room at The Mansion House, Dublin

Best Crypto, Blockchain or Digital Asset offering Award 

This award celebrates the best offering in the emerging space of digital assets and crypto currency. The Digital Assets sector continues to grow despite many headwinds in the last year. This award also recognises those that are using blockchain technology to deliver innovative financial services solutions. Digital asset platforms and exchanges are fully in scope for this award. 

  • The solution must use blockchain technology is some component of its solutions 
  • The solution must be available in Ireland  
  • The solution does not have to be generating revenue or even trading but must demonstrate its uniqueness  


  1. Provide an overview of the Crypto, Blockchain or Digital Asset Solution. Entry criteria must be acknowledged in this section. (350 words max)  
  2. Provide examples of how the solution has delivered innovative financial services solutions (250 words max)  
  3. Please provide metrics to support this detail. For example: customer engagement up 100%, revenue increased by XXX, customer satisfaction up 100% (250 words max)  
  4. Give any other reasons why this should be chosen for the award over your competitors (250 words max)  

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