Best Insurance Technology Award 

This recognises the FinTech company that has transformed the insurance industry in Ireland with their innovative and effective insurance technology. This award recognises the outstanding efforts of a company that has brought a revolution in the traditional insurance sector, making it easier and more accessible for customers to purchase and manage insurance policies. This award highlights the impact of technology on the insurance industry and the company that has paved the way for others to follow. 

  • The company should have demonstrated exceptional creativity and originality in its approach to developing its insurance technology solution. The technology should be novel and have significantly improved the insurance industry's service offerings, customer experience and performance. 
  • The solution should have a measurable impact in the insurance sector in Ireland. The company should be able to demonstrate how its technology has transformed the industry and led to positive outcomes for customers and businesses alike. 
  • The company should prioritise its customers and prioritise providing the best experience and benefits for them. The technology should be designed to improve the customer experience and provide value to customers in terms of accessibility, affordability, and ease of use. 


  1. Provide an overview of the Insurance Technology Solution. Entry criteria must be acknowledged in this section. (350 words max)
  2. Provide examples of how you have used technology make it easier and more accessible for customers to purchase and manage insurance policies (250 words max)
  3. Please provide metrics to support this detail. For example: customer engagement up 100%, revenue increased by XXX, customer satisfaction up 100% (250 words max)
  4. Give any other reasons why this should be chosen for the award over your competitors (250 words max)

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