Wednesday, 2nd October 2024
The Round Room at The Mansion House, Dublin

Best Regtech Solution Award 

Celebrating the ground-breaking advancements in regulatory technology, this category recognises the FinTech company that has developed the most innovative and effective solutions in regulatory technology, transforming the way financial institutions in Ireland comply with regulations and manage risk. From Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions to risk assessment and compliance monitoring tools, this company is revolutionising the regulatory landscape. This category recognises the company that has gone above and beyond in creating technology solutions that streamline the compliance process and make it more efficient, ultimately ensuring a safer and more secure financial system. 

  • The regtech solution must have demonstrated clear benefits over traditional compliance solutions. 
  • Evidence of a successful track record in developing innovative regulatory technology solutions that have been adopted by financial institutions in Ireland. 
  • Demonstrated effectiveness in streamlining the compliance process, reducing risk, and improving regulatory compliance for clients. 


  1. Provide an overview of the Regtech Solution. Entry criteria must be acknowledged in this section. (350 words max)
  2. Provide examples of how the solution has transformed the way financial institutions in Ireland comply with regulations and manage risk and has streamlined the compliance process and make it more efficient (250 words max)
  3. Please provide metrics to support this detail. For example: customer engagement up 100%, revenue increased by XXX, customer satisfaction up 100% (250 words max) 
  4. Give any other reasons why this should be chosen for the award over your competitors (250 words max) 

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