4th October 2024
The Round Room at The Mansion House, Dublin

Professional advisor of the year  

This award celebrates a professional services leader or advisory firm who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and expertise in consulting and advisory for the fintech sector.  

They will be dedicated to delivering strategic and tactical support to Fintech businesses across the Island of Ireland.  

These key influencers have provided professional services that have enabled growth, investment and economic impact of the sector. They will have worked tirelessly to create a more supportive environment for Fintech innovation and growth. They have shown an exceptional ability to help Fintech businesses flourish and navigate complex regulatory frameworks. Their contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping the future of the Fintech industry and driving its continued success. 

  • The nominee must be an exceptional individual/ professional advisor or accounting, legal or consultancy firm that supports the development of the Fintech industry in Ireland. 
  • The nominee must have demonstrated an exceptional ability to work with businesses, entrepreneurs and investors to enable and foster the growth and development of the Fintech industry in Ireland. 
  • The nominee must have made a significant impact on the development and growth of Fintech in Ireland through their advisory work and initiatives. 


  1. Provide a detailed overview of the how this individual/company has  demonstrated outstanding leadership and expertise in professional advisory services for the Fintech Industry (350 words max)  
  2. Provide examples of key initiatives including detail of the impact of these services on the company/sector more broadly (250 words max)  
  3. Please provide details or metrics of the impact these initiatives have had on the Growth and Development of Fintech in Ireland (250 words max)  
  4. Give any other reasons why this should be chosen for the award over your competitors (250 words max)  

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